Monday, February 19, 2018

The Lust List: Dresses

the lust list: dresses

In the past year, I’ve been working to figure out what my personal style is. While jeans and t-shirts are comfortable, I’m getting older and have started to pay a little more attention to fashion. As a plus-sized woman, that’s sometimes difficult. While there are definitely more designers and companies catering to people of larger sizes, it’s still very difficult to simply run to the mall and pick up a new outfit. (I’ll save my Lane Bryant ranting for another day.)

For the longest time, I wore almost nothing but black and other very dark colors. My wardrobe looked like I was in a constant state of mourning. Sometime last fall, however, my outlook shifted. I decided that if I liked it, I was going to wear it. (Within reason, of course, as I’ll never be someone that wears tube tops and short shorts!) Prints and colors were no longer off-limits. I got a dress that was printed with birds. I bought a pair of teal green tights. And, somehow, I started to feel better about myself. It was such a wonderful change.

I’m still figuring out my style, but one thing is for certain: I. Love. Dresses. I haven’t bought any dresses in a couple of months, so I wanted to make a list of things I’d love to buy in the near future. I also wanted to share some of my favorite places to shop.

1. Asos Curve Skater Dress with Raglan Sleeve ($48.37) 

Asos Curve Skater Dress with Raglan Sleeve

I buy clothes from Asos pretty frequently. They always have free shipping (when you spend $25) and free returns. Not sure if this holds true for standard sizing, but with the plus (curve) sizes, things run a little big. I always size down, which is an added little perk in my eyes. Who doesn’t want to wear a smaller size?

I love the simplicity and comfort of this dress. I think it’s be a great little weekend dress to wear while running errands. I would normally steer clear of the pale pink, but I think it works well with the gray. I have a similarly made dress that I got from Asos earlier this summer and I find myself wearing it often, especially on warm, humid days. With the 3/4 sleeves, I think this would be a great dress to transition into cooler weather.

2. ModCloth The Pennsylvania Polka Dress in Ruby Dots ($59.99) 

ModCloth The Pennsylvania Polka Dress in Ruby Dots

I have my first experience with ModCloth earlier in the summer. Though I had to return one of the dresses I bought because it was too small in the bust, I was very happy with the quality of the things I purchased. The return process was also very simple and no hassle. They offer free shipping with a $50 purchase and free returns. If you spend less, standard shipping is only $4.

I do not have even one article of red clothing in my wardrobe, so this dress would be a great remedy to that problem. This dress totally reminds me of Minnie Mouse, which makes me smile. I love that bow! I don’t normally wear sleeveless things, but I think this would be really cute with a cardigan, tights, and a pair of flats.

3. eShakti Layered Surplice Tile Print Dress ($69.95) 

eShakti Layered Surplice Tile Print Dress

I’ve never ordered from eShakti, but they are definitely a company that’s on my radar. Shipping charges are based on the amount spent, but seem pretty reasonable. My favorite thing about this company is the customization options. Customers can change the length, the sleeves (or lack there-of), and even the neckline of many of their dresses. You can order items in standard sizes or have an item made to your specific measurements. I think that’s amazing!

Unfortunately, this isn’t a dress that allows for sleeve customization. It’s still really pretty; I love the colors and the print. I could rock this dress with a cute cardigan and the sleeve issue wouldn’t even matter.

4. SimplyBe AX Paris Pink Blue Skater Dress ($74.95) 

SimplyBe AX Paris Pink Blue Skater Dress

Simply Be is one of my favorite online shopping destinations. They are also well aware of my addiction. I am always inundated with pre-approval for their new credit card every time I visit the site, in addition to friendly e-mail reminders as well. Given that I could probably choose 20 dresses from their site alone, that’s the last thing I need! Self-control: I don’t possess it. Simple Be offers free shipping with a $100 purchase and almost always has a coupon code for extra savings.

This dress is pretty far out of my comfort zone, but I still like it a lot. I don’t mind prints or bright colors, but I don’t usually pair the two together. A dress like this would be a huge step forward for me, so I’m definitely adding this one to my Christmas list. (Are you reading this, Mom?)

5. Eloquii Cheetah Fit and Flare Ponte Dress ($110.00) 

Eloquii Cheetah Fit and Flare Ponte Dress

Eloquii is a new-ish company that I haven’t ordered from…yet. Their stuff does seem a bit on the pricey side, but hopefully that means it’s also amazing quality. They offer free shipping at $150 (yikes!) and free exchanges.

Fit and flare is one of my favorite dress styles for my body type. My hips are a little bigger in relation to the rest of my body, so super fitted dresses are always an issue for me. Cheetah is definitely not something I normally wear, but I really love this shade of blue. I like the black sides and sleeves, which I think helps to tone things down just a bit.

What’s your favorite place to shop for pretty dresses?

*Dress vector obtained via 4Vector

  • Jennifer Sikora

    Those are super cute choices! You should check out Gwynnie Bee. I just got turned on to them and I am loving all the clothes I get to try there. I am a new “likes dresses” kind of girl now as well so I feel ya about trying to find something new to wear.

    • Gwynnie Bee is something I’d definitely like to try. There are so many pretty dresses available. Unfortunately, I was laid off from my job about a month ago, so there’s no need right now. As soon as I get hired again, however, I’m subscribing!

  • I shop just about anywhere for dresses! I love finding great dresses at the thrift store, but as for regular retail shops, I really like eShakti and JCPenney. Love that SimplyBe dress!

    • I have one dress from JCPenney, but I’ve never actually worn it. Oops! I need to pull that one out so I can wear it before it gets cold.

  • Great choices of dresses! ModCloth has some really cute clothes that I need to check out.

    • If I didn’t have bills to pay, I’d just give ModCloth all of my money. Their clothing is so pretty! I got a cute pair of earrings from there as well.

  • Will you style me? I’m totally pinning this post. These dresses are all really cute, cool, or just classy! The only one I wouldn’t wear is the cheetah one, I’m not much of an animal print girl. But the red with the polka dots? LOVE! And the pink with all the splashes of color? Nice! Glad I came over to see this post!

    • Thanks! I’m not normally an animal print girl, but I bought one dress (also blue) earlier in the summer. Maybe it’s just the cheetah combined with the color that I like so much because I would never wear a brown/black cheetah print.

  • Megan L.

    Super cute dresses! You’ve got fantastic taste! And that’s great to know that ASOS sizes run a little big. I’ve been wanting to order clothes from them forever, but I’m always scared of nothing fitting and having to return it all. Fab post! xx

    Megan |

    • Thank you! The only thing I haven’t purchased from Asos is pants. I’ve tried dresses, tops, and skirts; everything is one size smaller than what I normally wear. Also, their stuff with stretch is REALLY stretchy. I know some people even go down two sizes.

  • That ASOS dress looks SO so comfortable – like I would wear it everyday!

    • The comfort is one of my fave things about it. 🙂

  • Brenda

    Dresses are my favorite. I love wearing them year-round!

    • Me too! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • Such pretty dresses! I am an eShakti fan as I have one of their dresses and love the customization options like you said, and that dress would look lovely with a cute sweater!

    I love the cheetah print option from Eloquii…too cute!

    • eShakti is actually sending me a dress for review, so I’m really excited about that! Not this dress, but another of my favorites. I loved that red dress you got from there. 🙂

  • Modern June

    I just got a dress from Eshakti and ModCloth!