Friday, February 23, 2018

The Lust List: Coastal Scents

Coastal Scents is one of my favorite cosmetics companies, though I feel like their products are probably not on a lot of people’s radar. The feature budget-friendly items, with quality that is comparable to much more expensive brands. I have loved all of the products I’ve purchased from this company so far, and there are still quite a few products I’m lusting for.

Coastal Scents - Lust List

1. Revealed 2 Palette ($19.95) 

I purchased the first version of the Revealed palette and it has become one of my go-to palettes. I use it almost daily, even more than my Too Faced Chocolate Bar. I love the colors in this palette and I’m sure the quality is on-par with the earlier version. I’m not too sure how much I would like the rose-tones hues of the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I think this is a nice alternative with many similar shades.

2. Blush Too Palette ($15.95) 

Up until a few months ago, I’ve never really worn blush. I have a lot of redness in my cheeks that I had issues covering, and I definitely didn’t want to draw attention to that. (I don’t care what the lady at the Estee Lauder counter says–my “natural flush” is not cute!) After switching to a heavier coverage foundation and adopting a new skincare routine, much of the redness has cleared and I can over up the remaining issues I have. I own the other version of this blush palette and would love to try the shades in this one, especially the violet hues. Coastal Scents blushes are very pigmented (a little goes a long way!), so a palette like this will last a long time.

3. Creative Me #1 Palette ($14.95) 

While I find Urban Decay’s Electric Palette to be very interesting, I’m not sure how much use I would get out of something with such bright, pigmented colors. If the cost were less, I would probably pick it up, but I feel like it would be a waste. If I’m going to spend $50 on a palette, I would want it to be something I could wear regularly. This seems like a good alternate to me. I could still play around with some brighter shades, but for much less money out of my pocket.

4. Go Palette: Moscow ($8.95) 

This just seems like a nice collection of shadows that I don’t already have in my collection. I think this would be a great set of colors for fall, so I’m hoping to purchase it before summer ends.

5. Elite Brush Set: Beige ($69.95) 

Looking back, I don’t know how I spent so many years using those sponge-tipped applicators that come with eyeshadow! I purchased my first brushes, the 22-piece set, back in the winter. It’s a nice set and was a great place to start, but I feel like I’m ready to move into something of a little higher quality, though not quite ready to spend lots of money on individual brushes. I think this will be a nice set to add to my collection, at least until I’m ready to spring for those Sigma brushes I’ve got my eyes on.

  • Loving those colors! Wow…so vibrant!

    • Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • Vicky

    I’m loving the colors in the “revealed” palate. Reminds me of Urban Decay.

    • I did a makeup swap and someone actually just sent me the palette. I’m really excited to try it out. The colors are beautiful, very similar to Naked 3.

  • These look like a makeup lovers dream list…

  • Number one looks killer!