Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Lust List: BH Cosmetics

I don’t have tons of things from BH Cosmetics, but I’ve really enjoyed the things that I’ve been able to try. I have a couple of their eyeshadow palettes and find that the color payout is excellent, especially when you consider the cost. This is another company that makes very budget-friendly products without sacrificing quality. They also tend to always have a sale going on, so it’s easy to get things even cheaper than the retail price.

the lust list: bh cosmetics

1. Galaxy Chic Baked Eyeshadow Palette ($22.95) 

If I had to pick my most wanted makeup item of any brand, this palette would be it. I think the shadows in this are absolutely gorgeous, especially the marbled ones. It just seems like a really nice collection of colors. There are also some colors–like the reds and oranges–that I wouldn’t normally wear, but find intriguing. I have a few singles from this palette and the color payout is excellent, so I know the quality is there.

2. Pink-a-Dot Brush Set – 11 pcs. ($28.95) 

I don’t need makeup brushes right now, especially not a whole set. I just find this set to be rather cute. I think they’d look nice sitting on my makeup counter. In addition, the compact container would make these great for travel. I’ve never used any brushes from this company, so I don’t even know if they’re worth the cost, but the reviews on their site seem to suggest that they are.

3. Glitter Collection ($5.95 each) 

Do I need my eyelids to look like sparkly disco balls? Not really. Do I want them to? Absolutely!

4. Floral Blush Duos ($9.95 each) 

I’m on a blush kick right now, which means I want to buy all of the blushes that I see. I love these little duos. These are also almost always on sale, which makes them a great deal. (I’ve never actually seen them listed at the full retail price.) I’m especially fond of Lilac and Daisy, but they’re all very pretty.

5. False Eyelash Applicator ($5.95) 

False eyelashes aren’t my favorite thing, but they are something I’d like to use more often than I do. In college, my friends and I used to occasionally wear them. I’ve always had trouble applying them on my own, however. I think this little tool is the perfect solution. My hands are just a little too bulky and tweezers don’t really give me enough control.

Through 08/18, BH Cosmetics is having an $8 sale, which includes several of their palettes and brush sets. If you’re interested in trying their products, this is a great opportunity to do so!

  • Trish

    I think I need to find those Floral Blush Duos – they look great!

    • Aren’t they pretty? I thought about ordering a couple, but I really just want to get them all!

  • Aimee Fauci

    I should mark this page. My daughter has been wanting some makeup.. even though it would be play makeup this looks great for her and not too expensive.

    • If you’re looking for cheap stuff, LA Colors is also a good alternative. They can be found at the dollar or drug store. 🙂

  • Dionne Dean

    I’m a BH fan, but haven’t purchased anything in a while. Great post!

  • Alli Smith

    I’ve never worn false eyelashes! It’s something I need to try just once in my life. My daughter (a makeup artist) has plenty, but I’ve just never done it.

    • I used to wear them in college, but there was always someone around to apply them. I’m a bit of a disaster when I try to do it myself.

  • I’ve never purchased any BH products to my knowledge. I really like the brush set, it’s really pretty.

    • I have a terrible problem with wanting to buy brushes just because they’re pretty!

  • I can’t believe I’ve never purchased BH makeup products. I love playing in makeup so I’ll need to check out their products.

    • Definitely check them out. They seem to always be having a sale, so if you keep an eye on their site, you can usually catch the things you want for really great prices.

  • Katherine Gilbert

    This sounds like a great and affordable makeup line. I would definitely give this line a try.

    • It’s one of my favorites, especially when you consider the prices.