Thursday, December 14, 2017

Techege Toys Bump-n-Go Fun Horse #Review

Techege Toys Bump-n-Go Fun Horse

There’s a little girl in our family that absolutely loves horses and music. I thought the Techege Toys Bump-n-Go Fun Horse would be a perfect toy for her, so I was excited to be given the opportunity to try it out.

The horse is small, about 8″x9″. I was expecting yellow, as shown in the seller’s photo; the toy ended up being white and blue. I was happy with this change. The little horse has some stickers adhered to the body for decoration, but the child that was playing with the pony could have cared less. She was more excited about the motion, lights, and music!

Techege Toys Bump-n-Go Fun Horse
The horse will trot along and spin around, bumping into objects then resetting its course. The saddle, tail, mane, and bell on the front all blink and light up. The music on the horse is very loud and there is no volume control. That did not seem to bother the child that was playing with it at all, but I would have preferred being able to adjust the volume down just a little.

This little horse glides effortlessly across the hardwood floor. I would suggest, however, that the floors be very clean when playing with the toy. Fuzz, lint, and dog hair will get caught in the wheels and cause the pony to move erratically or not at all. This happened to me after I put the toy down on a floor that hadn’t been vacuumed. I spent a few minutes pulling dog hair from the wheels with a pair of tweezers, which were preventing the wheels from turning. It would perfectly once again after I removed all the debris.

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