Friday, February 23, 2018

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Review: Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale #CSB2KG

Smart Weigh Digital Kitchen Scale

During the holidays, it seems like everyone is always eating something! The glut of Thanksgiving and Christmas will soon pass, then New Year’s resolutions will be on everyone’s minds. For me, I’ve already started contemplating a healthier lifestyle in the new year. An easy way to start a change in eating is by measuring food and making sure to eat …

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Review: Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves

Stark Safe Cut Resistant Gloves

I’m a bit of a hazard in the kitchen, especially when sharp objects are involved. I’ve shaved off skin from my knuckles using a box grater, nicked off bits of flesh with a sharp knife, and had some more severe cuts as well. Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Food Network, but it seems like when I get the idea …

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Review: Priority Chef Citrus Juicer & Lemon Squeezer #prioritychef

Priority Chef Citrus Squeezer and Lemon Juicer

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Cooking and baking are something I really enjoy. I’m also a little bit obsessed with kitchen gadgetry. One thing that has been missing from my stash of products is a quality citrus squeezer and juicer. For years, I’ve used a reamer-style juicer that I got at a discount store for a …

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Review: My Perfect Pantry by Geoffrey Zakarian

My Perfect Pantry by Geoffrey Zakarian

Geoffrey Zakarian is one of my Food Network favorites. He was always one of my favorite judges on Chopped and I was incredibly excited when he won The Next Iron Chef. When his new cookbook, My Perfect Pantry, showed up as a choice for me to review, I was quick to accept and anxiously waited for the UPS man to …

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Tyler Florence is the ultimate.

I am the type of person that, when I become interested in something, I throw myself into that endeavor with a zealousness that some people might find a little crazy. Call it obsession. Call it insanity. Call it an addictive personality. Thankfully, my vices haven’t led me to things like drugs and alcohol; instead, I throw caution to the wind …

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