Friday, February 23, 2018

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Adella Magnetic Sleep Masks #review

Adella Magnetic Sleep Mask

As someone who suffers from migraines and often needs to block out light and sound, a sleep mask is an important tool for me. Adella makes two different sleep masks, both of which I was given the opportunity to try. Magnetic Sleeping Eye Mask Plus Ear Plugs (Red) Revolutionary Power Bio Magnets reduce fine lines, puffy eyes, headaches, dark circles, …

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Silver Tone Lunar Crescent Pendant Necklace #review

Silver Tone Lunar Crescent Pendant Necklace

I prefer silver jewelry, so I was pretty excited to receive this pendant and necklace from Adella. Fine Silver Medal and Crescent Moon Fashion Pendant. Luxury Champagne Jewelry Case with inner black velvet This delicate silver pendant offers a graceful touch and subtle shine. This is such a cute pendant! I really like the text that is engraved into it, …

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Adella Skincare Derma Roller & Vitamin C Serum #review

Adella Skincare Derma Roller & Vitamin C Serum

Derma Roller ┬áMake your skin firmer, tighter, smoother & elastic with the best face firming & face lifting treatment. The Extra 600 Titanium Micro Needles per roller head in comparison with the standard 192 needles insures greater penetration in much less time. Stimulates natural Collagen & Elastin production to make you look and feel younger. Even though I was initially …

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