Monday, February 19, 2018

Swim Season is Almost Here!

Swim season is nearly upon us, which, for me, generally means a nauseous feeling in my stomach. I’ve always been chubby, even as a kid, so the thought of cramming my fat into a skintight, spandex garment isn’t exactly my idea of a fun day. I’ve always enjoyed being in the pool, but tended to avoid it simply because being in a swimsuit makes me uncomfortable.

When I was younger, there were so few options for a swimsuit that was cute or looked even remotely age-appropriate. Thankfully, there are lots more options out there now, and since my parents put in a pool last summer, swimsuits are high on my list of things to purchase.

Last summer, all of my swimsuits came from Walmart and Kmart. The pool wasn’t ready until late June, around my birthday, so a lot of options to order online were already sold out in my size. I was really surprised and pleased that I was able to find anything in store. The only suit I owned was several years old and did not fit well. I really liked what I bought, but this year I’m determined to order early so I don’t miss the cutest suits.

These are my top picks for this summer.

SHIRRED HALTER SWIMDRESS, BlackAvenue Ruffle Hem Swim Dress With Tummy Control

I love this suit so much I’ve already ordered it! I have my mom to thank for reminding me about Avenue–and for finding this suit in particular. I was definitely on the fence about the cost, but with a 30% off coupon, it wasn’t so bad. I am most self conscious about my hip/thigh area, so I think this one will be perfect for me.

Jaclyn Smith Plus Halter Swim Dress – Polka Dot
|| Teal
$44.99 $30.14

I wasn’t kidding when I said that Kmart has cute swimsuits! I really love both of these, especially the polka dots. And for $30, I can definitely afford both colors. My only concern is that they are halter top. If I spend all day in the pool in a halter, my neck tends to hurt, but these will still work great for shorter swims, such as in the evenings after work.

Shore Club Poppy Splash Cargo Shortini

I like wearing two piece swimsuits with shorts, simply because they don’t seem to feel as heavy. (Swimdresses tend to hold in tons of excess water, so they’re harder to dry out once you’re out of the pool.) I also just feel like these types of suits are super comfortable. And if you buy a basic-colored bottom, you can buy multiple tops to match. I wanted to find something in a floral print, too, but that didn’t look like grandma’s sofa. I think the bright, bold colors in this top achieve that.

Suddenly Slim by Catalina


I don’t think I’ve worn a traditional-style bathing suit since I was a kid. The style and pattern on this one, however, seems like it would be very flattering. (The reviews seem to support that idea as well.) It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, but the dots are my favorite. I’m hoping my local Walmart has this one in stock so that I can try it on before buying. Who knows? I might pick up the cherry print, too.

Medallion Swim Print Tank  || Board Short
$59.95 || $49.95

I was hesitant to even look at Lane Bryant’s swim collection. I hadn’t shopped in their store in years, but I was drawn in a month or so ago because of a sale. Their clothes are as over-priced as always. The most disappointing thing, however, was just the lack of style. I felt like it was a place my grandmother would shop, not someone my age. Everything just looked really dated. That said, the print on this top is lovely, though I definitely wouldn’t purchase at full price.