Friday, February 23, 2018

Review: Priority Chef Citrus Juicer & Lemon Squeezer #prioritychef

Priority Chef Citrus Squeezer and Lemon Juicer

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Cooking and baking are something I really enjoy. I’m also a little bit obsessed with kitchen gadgetry. One thing that has been missing from my stash of products is a quality citrus squeezer and juicer.

For years, I’ve used a reamer-style juicer that I got at a discount store for a couple dollars. That style of juicer takes a lot of arm strength and if you are juicing a large quantity of lemons or oranges, the process can quickly become tiring. When I saw the Priority Chef Citrus Juicer and Lemon Squeezer, I knew it was time to throw that old reamer out with the trash.

Priority Chef Citrus Squeezer and Lemon Juicer

This citrus squeezer is made of 18/10 stainless steel. It’s not heavy, but it feels very sturdy. I have other products that are also made of 18/10 stainless steel, so I know that with proper care, this squeezer will last for many years. In using it, I’ve been making sure that I clean it well with soap and water after use because of the acids in citrus.

Priority Chef Citrus Squeezer and Lemon Juicer

I was surprised with how large this product is. The orange I juiced for the photos was about the size of a baseball; it fit perfectly in the basket for squeezing.

Priority Chef Citrus Squeezer and Lemon Juicer

I’m not someone that has a lot of arm or hand strength, so I was expecting the juicing to be difficult. It was actually really easy, though. I just cut the orange in half, placed one piece in the receptacle, closed the juicer and squeezed. Juice immediately began flowing out.

Priority Chef Citrus Squeezer and Lemon Juicer

After I finished squeezing, I removed the orange portion. It was very dry, which means that this product removed nearly all the juice from the orange half. I was very impressed by this. I also like this for lemons because I don’t have to worry about the seeds getting into the juice.

Priority Chef Citrus Squeezer and Lemon Juicer

This is a really nice product and I would definitely recommend it!

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  • Thanks for sharing this product! I love anything stainless steel for my kitchen. This juicer looks like it is easy to use, and less messy than the old fashioned ones 😉

  • Now that looks pretty easy to use. It would come in handy when I’m cooking with lemon or lime juice.

  • I could use this. It would make squeezing lemon juice so much easier and quicker. #ProductReviewParty

  • This looks like a great product to have in the kitchen.

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