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Review: Instanatural Cleansing Oil & Rose Hip Seed Oil

Instanatural Cleansing Oil & Rose Hip Seed Oil

My facial cleansing and moisturizing routine would probably surprise a lot of people. It can include up to twelve steps, depending upon how much time I have and what I’m hoping to achieve. The first step in my process, which is based upon a Korean routine, is using a cleansing oil. This is a product, however, that I was lacking. Instead, I had been using an oil-free cleansing gel that was supposed to help remove stubborn and waterproof makeup. It performed okay, but still didn’t do a good job with certain cosmetics that I wear, so I knew that I really needed to purchase a cleansing oil.

There are so many options out there and I really struggled with figuring out what would be the best item for me. Cleansing oils can often be expensive, so I didn’t want to waste my money on something that didn’t perform as well as it claimed or didn’t meet my expectations. When I saw that Instanatural was offering a cleansing oil for review on Tomoson, I was very excited and knew this was a product I wanted to test.

About Instanatural:

InstaNatural was started as a small local business in Florida and after positive feedback from all their customers, they decided to step into online distribution. They launched their first product in 2013 and since then they have never looked back.

At present, InstaNatural is a leading online distributer of six nature inspired beauty and cosmetics products. InstaNatural is constantly in search of wonderful natural ingredients from the whole world to bring to its customers beauty products bursting with efficiency to enhance the natural beauty that is often lost due to various external and internal factors.

Instanatural Deep Cleansing Facial Oil

Instanatural Deep Cleansing Facial Oil

I’ll admit that I’ve always been a little skeptical about putting an oil on my skin to remove makeup. For some reason, I had it in my head that this would cause my skin to be excessively greasy and gross. That’s not the case at all. If you aren’t familiar with how cleansing oils work, they’re basically just an extra step before using your regular cleanser, allowing you to remove waterproof or long-wear makeup. You can also use them alone, but most people prefer to follow up with something foamy. If you have normal to dry skin, I think you could definitely just use the oil cleanser and not run into any issues.

Instanatural Deep Cleansing Facial Oil

One of the main ingredients in this product is olive oil, so I was expecting that consistency, but this is much thinner. Using it alone, any residue that remains after rinsing with water absorbs very quickly into the skin. When used in that way, my skin felt smoother. In the winter, I may use this often without following up with a secondary cleanser, especially at night. I get very dry in winter and could benefit from the extra moisture.

To use this product. I just squirted a bit out onto my hand, the massaged it all over my face, including my eyes. I really love that you can use this to remove all of your makeup and there’s no special eye makeup remover required. I take a washcloth or cotton pad and remove my eye makeup residue. Then, I rinse with warm water and follow up with the rest of my routine. Sometimes I don’t even bother with rinsing this and go straight into my foamy cleanser.

This product works amazingly well. It’s the first thing I’ve ever used that actually removes every last bit of my Urban Decay 24/7 liners. I have probably 5 or 6 eye makeup removers in my bathroom and none of them remove all of that eyeliner. I usually have to wash most of it off at night, then try again in the morning to get the remaining bits. I did not have that issue with this cleansing oil. It also did a fantastic job at removing my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation.

If you want to be sure that you are getting your face clean of all makeup, dirt, and impurities, I would definitely recommend giving this product a try. It can be purchased from Amazon for $19.95 and ships free with Prime.

Instanatural Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

Instanatural Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

When Instanatural graciously offered to allow me to review an extra product, I decided to try the rosehip seed oil. This is a product that I’d never used before, so I was really interested in its uses and benefits.

I was expecting this to smell like roses, but it actually has a bit of a musty smell. It’s not overpowering, however, and tends to fade away once the product has been absorbed. (The familiar scent of roses comes from the petals, but this product is made from the seeds, which is why the scent is not as expected). This is a 100% pure and organic product.

Instanatural Organic Rosehip Seed Oil

There are so many claims and uses for this oil–from minimizing scars and stretch marks to moisturizing face, skin, hair, and nails. I haven’t been very inventive with my use of it up until now, simply using it to moisturize my nails and cuticles.

My cuticles have been really dry recently. I had purchased a cuticle oil, but it didn’t seem to be doing much of anything. I was still seeing cracking and bleeding, along with redness and peeling skin. Since I started using this regularly, I have noticed a pretty significant change in the condition of my cuticles. They are still dry in some places, but I’ve had no cracking or bleeding. I think that with continued use, the dryness will also go away.

This product can be purchased from Amazon for $21.95 and ships free with Prime.

Both of these products come in sturdy, amber-colored glass bottles. I really liked the pump that was attached, which allows me to get the right amount of product and not have any waste. Both bottles are 4 ml and will last quite a while. I was very happy with both of these products and hope to try more things from Instanatural in the future.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Post contains affiliate links.

  • Debbie Arent-Noel

    Great review I am going to check this out, very detailed and everything I need to know!

    • Thanks! I really liked these products, so it was easy to write about them. 🙂

  • Great review! I got both of these too and love them!

    • I’m excited to try more of their products.

  • I need to check these out! Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment!

  • Alli Smith

    I’ve never used any type of cleansing oil because I also thought it would leave my face oily. I really need to check this out! Thanks for the review.

    • I didn’t think it did, but my face is also starting to get dry with the changing weather.

  • I vaguely remember trying cleansing oil once and I didn’t like how it left my skin feeling. Give me a good, foaming cleanser and toner and I’m good to go. Great review!

    • Any toners you’d recommend? The one I’m using is almost empty and I didn’t love it.

      • I love Neutrogena’s Pore Refining Toner. It’s great for combination to oily skin.

  • Modern June

    I have never used an oil before – i have fairly dry skin too – why have I not thought of this???

    • I think this would work great for dry skin!

  • I can’t believe I never heard of cleansing oil before. My first thought was it would leave my skin oily and I don’t want to have that! Thanks for a great review Andrea! #ProductReviewParty

  • I’ve tried an oil cleanser before after someone from Origins talked me into it. Bad idea (for me). I broke out everywhere lol. #productreviewparty

  • Is this what they call oil pulling? My skin is so oily, I am very hesitant to put even EVOO on my skin. My skin does not let it sink in. #productreviewparty