Friday, October 20, 2017

#PinnacleHealthyPets Love Adventure! #Sponsored


With the cooler weather of fall upon us, my pugs are super excited to get the opportunity to spend more time outdoors. The summer heat is just too much for their flat faces, but they breathe much easier in the cool, crisp air of autumn. In the past few weeks, the pugs and I have spent quite a bit of …

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MamaMiya Power Bank #review

MamaMiya Power Bank

My cell phone is my lifeline, so charging on the go is essential for me. I use my phone for calls, to stream music, to check e-mail, and sometimes even watch videos or movies. This means that the battery power is drained fairly quickly. Needing to replenish that power isn’t always an easy feat, especially when I’m on the go. …

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Healthy Pets Require a Grain Free Diet #PinnacleHealthyPets #Sponsored

pinnacle healthy pets

Pugs are definitely not know for being the most active of dogs. While my pugs do enjoy a day spent lounging around inside, they are also excited for the cooler temperatures that fall brings. The heat of the summer is just a little too much for them to handle, but when autumn comes along, Pickles and Pebbles get excited about …

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Techege Toys Bump-n-Go Fun Horse #Review

Techege Toys Bump-n-Go Fun Horse

There’s a little girl in our family that absolutely loves horses and music. I thought the Techege Toys Bump-n-Go Fun Horse would be a perfect toy for her, so I was excited to be given the opportunity to try it out. The horse is small, about 8″x9″. I was expecting yellow, as shown in the seller’s photo; the toy ended up being white …

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Kassa Chalkboard Contact Paper #Review

Kassa Chalkboard Contact Paper

In our family’s camper, there were some ridiculously ugly and outdated mirrors. Every cabinet door was covered with a glass mirror, complete with gold and burgundy etching. Doing some work and updating the look of the camper, we knew those mirrors had to go! Replacing them would be costly, so covering seemed like a better option. When I was offered …

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Two Meows Litter Mat #review #twomeows

Two Meows Litter Mat

Cats can be messy creatures.  Even with a covered litter box, stray bits of litter still seem to end up all over the floor. Litter stuck to cat paws can also end up on couches, on tables, and in the bed. It’s definitely a dirty mess to clean up, so it’s important to have a large litter mat that is able …

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Rise K-Pods Coffee #review #greatergoods

Rise Coffee Pods by Greater Goods

As much as I love my single-serve coffee pot, the amount of waste it creates is rather alarming. The plastic pods are convenient and easy to use, but have been detrimental to the environment. That is one of the reasons I was really excited to try Rise Coffee Pods by Greater Goods. Compatible with most Keurig brewers, these coffee pods …

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[CLOSED] Polette Glasses Review and Giveaway

Polette EyeGlasses

  I work a desk job, which means I spend the majority of my day sitting in front of a computer. My normal workday is 7.5 hours, but due to overtime, I can sometimes spend up to 10 hours sitting in front of a computer screen. In the evenings, I spend even more time at my home computer, as well …

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Oleavine Therapeutic Soap #review #oleavine

Oleavine Therapeutic Soap

Body wash is usually something I’m not too particular about. I buy what’s on sale and use it, generally opting for unscented or gentle formulas. I have very dry, itchy skin and have found that perfumes and scents make my problems worse. After using the Oleavine Therapeutic Body Wash for the past month, however, I don’t think I’ll ever be …

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The Diamond Cup #review #diamondcup

diamond cup

The Diamond Menstruation Cup is a soft, reusable product that women can use as an alternative to traditional menstrual products. The cup is made from medical-grade silicone, so there is no issue for women with an allergy to latex. The cup is safe and easy to use. The average woman will spend $2400 & use 11,000 tampons in her lifetime? Save money …

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