Monday, February 19, 2018

Memebox: Superbox #50 – Anti-Aging #3

Memebox: Superbox #50 - Anti-Aging #3

As much as I hate admitting it, I am getting older. Those little lines and wrinkles on my face are starting to become more noticeable, so now is definitely the time for me to start a plan to help slow the aging process.

Anti-Aging #3 was purchased for $39.00 + $6.99 S/H.

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01. Pro You S Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream
100 g || $96

Pro You S Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream

This cream is free from parabens, alcohol, and artificial coloring. The formula is supposed to be gentle, yet effective in enhancing skin elasticity and firmness. It also replenishes and stimulates skin regeneration.

Pro You S Wrinkle SC Renewal Cream

This is a thick cream, but it absorbs fairly quickly into the skin. It seemed strongly scented in the container, but once I smoothed it onto my skin, I hardly noticed the smell. I would probably be more likely to use this as a nighttime moisturizer. It seems a little thick for daytime use.

02. Pro You Lip & Eye Wrinkle Spot Cream
15 g || $30

Pro You Lip & Eye Wrinkle Spot Cream

Like the previous cream, this one also contains no parabens, mineral oil, artificial coloring, or alcohol. It contains peptides and adenosine to firm up the sagging skin around the lips and eyes.

Pro You Lip & Eye Wrinkle Spot Cream

The application method interesting, but I found it hard to control the amount of product that was coming out with the pump. Also, the plastic applicator didn’t do a very good job of smoothing the product in. I prefer to just use my finger. I do have some fine lines and wrinkles, but this seems targeted to someone a little older, so I’ll likely pass this along to my mom the next time she asks for eye cream.

03. Pro You Multi White & Wrinkle Ampoule Dual Set
2 ml x 8 ea || $48

Pro You Multi White & Wrinkle Ampoule Dual Set

This is a day and night ampoule set, used to address different issues. The day set is used to control sebum and enlarged pores; the night set is for moisturizing and maintaining skin elasticity. Both treat fine lines and wrinkles, also offering a lifting effect for the skin.

Pro You Multi White & Wrinkle Ampoule Dual Set

I haven’t tried these yet, but the ampoule I’m currently using is almost empty. I think these will be next in line.

04. Tosowoong Super BB Cream
50 ml || $12

Tosowoong Super BB Cream

This BB cream can be used alone or as a makeup base. The formula contains SPF 15 and works to cover up skin imperfections and enhance firmness. This product also smells awful! I can’t even describe it, but it’s terrible.

I had a Tosowoong BB Cream that came in the 2nd global box that was too light for me. This one is too dark. I could possibly make it work in summer, but I’ll probably just pass this along to my mom.

05. Simply When Present Perfect Mask
20 g x 3 ea || $11

Simply When Present Perfect Mask

These sheet masks are for rough, dry, aging skin. They work to revitalize and firm in one step. These will actually be great for me right now because the cooler weather has made my skin very dry. I can always use sheet masks, so these were a nice inclusion.

06. Seatree Tibet Mushroom Neck Cream 
45 ml || $12

Seatree Tibet Mushroom Neck Cream

Seatree Tibet Mushroom Neck Cream is used to firm the sagging neck area, infusing suppleness and vitality. It delivers deep nutrition and brightens dull, rough skin.

I’m only 33, so I haven’t hit that neck-sagging phase of life yet. I think this product would be much better suited to my mom or even my grandmother. On the plus side, it does smell nice.

Total value: $209

This box was kind of a miss for me. Anti-aging #2 was a really great box, so I was hoping for a repeat. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case here. I think there were too many products from one company and the curation just seemed a little off, even though there was a wide range of items.

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  • Beauty Bangbang

    This is one of my most favorite boxes ever! The eye cream works wonders on any under-eye circles or puffiness. The face cream is pretty hardcore. I’m just using it on my neck now because I hate to part with it and love all ProYou products, but it is super heavy. #kbeautybloghop