Thursday, February 22, 2018

Memebox: Superbox #25 Foot Care


My feet always seem to need some sort of care. It seems that no matter what I do, my heels are always dry and cracking. My cuticles are either growing halfway up my toenails or cracked and bleeding. I also love to forego socks in summertime, so sandals and other shoes are occasionally stinky! When Memebox offered their first foot care box, I was quick to snap it up.

Memebox Superbox #25 FootCare

About Memebox Global:

Memebox is not a typical subscription service, with multiple boxes released each month and no obligation to purchase. The boxes released vary, from numbered global boxes to special edition and themed boxes. Prices vary based upon the box purchased, but the global boxes are $23 + $6.99 shipping. Boxes ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

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01. Keyskin Foot Peeling Care
20 g || Estimated value: $18

Keyskin Foot Peeling Care

This is the second set of foot peeling booties I’ve gotten from Memebox, but I seem to be hoarding them like they’re gold. I like the idea of peeling all the nasty, dry skin off of my feet–but I cringe to think of pulling my socks off and finding flakes of skin inside. That’s one of the downsides to this product–you absolutely have to wear socks once the peeling begins–and I find myself only wanting to wear sandals during the hot, sweaty months of summer. I can’t imagine wearing sandals while chunks of skin are peeling from my feet!

02. Blacklees The Ssak Mini File
5 ea || Estimated value: $6

Blacklees The Ssak Mini File

These are such a handy little tool and I was excited to receive them. I find that pumice stones don’t work really well for me, so I thought these would be nice for the shower, enabling me to scrape off dead skin around my heels.

03. Blacklees The Ssak Foot Pack
1 ea || Estimated value: $5

Blacklees The Ssak Foot Pack

If I ever use the foot peeling booties, this foot pack will come in handy. It’s made to provide intense moisture for your feet after peeling or filing off dead skin cells.

04. Dermahouse Foot & Heel Care
70 ml || Estimated value: $8

Dermahouse Foot & Heel Care

I initially thought this was just a foot lotion, but it’s actually a cream to help with the removal of dry and dead skin cells. The information card recommends soaking the feet for thirty minutes, applying this cream, then waiting three minutes before filing. I actually wish this was a moisturizing foot lotion, as I feel this box is a little overloaded with products intended for removing dry, rough skin.

05. Sur Line Print Manicure
Full size || Estimated value: $18

Sur Line Print ManicureThis is a very cute manicure kit, but it definitely feels like something I’d use for my fingernails rather than my toenails. The plaids and the stripes of the transfer sheets seemed a little more fall than summer to me, so I’ll probably hang onto this and use it on my nails when the weather starts to cool.

06. Lala Nail Care Oil
10 ml (x2) || Estimated value: $36

Lala Nail Care Oil

I just purchased some cuticle oil because the cuticles on my fingers are dry and cracking. I wish I’d waited just a bit longer! I was expecting a floral scent because of the artwork on these bottles, but both oils had a coconut-like smell. I tested both formulas on my nails and didn’t really notice any difference in the moisture they provided. I did feel like the quick dry version absorbed more easily. I wasn’t a fan of the spatula included for application. I prefer to just put a little on the tip of my finger and then rub the formula into my cuticles.

07. Kavis Deo Under-Arm & Foot Powder
30 g || Estimated value: $14

Kavis Deo Under-Arm & Foot Powder

This is a dual-purpose powder, which can be used for both underarms and feet. I will probably use it exclusively for my feet. The formula has no scent and is all natural. It’s smooth with just a bit of grit, so I think it’ll work well when applied to my feet or sprinkled in my shoes.

Total value: $105

Overall, I was very happy with this purchase. The box included a variety of things to help get my feet in great shape. As mentioned above, however, I do wish there was a moisturizing foot cream included.

  • Oh My…this box needs to be in my life. I have been walking all summer and it can start to show…LOL Great post!

    • My feet look horrible right now. I should probably put these products to work!

  • Looks great! I love subscription boxes – it’s just like pushing the Easy button and finding the best products. Thanks for sharing!

    • I am obsessed with subscription boxes. It’s a terrible habit!

  • Modern June

    My girlfriends and I were JUST talking about foot care last night! Im going to share the post with them!

    • My feet get so icky in the summer, but I’m way too cheap to pay for pedicures. This seems like such a much better solution.

  • I want one of those little files!

    • I’ve been using them in the shower and they work great!