Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Memebox Global #7


I am constantly extolling the virtues of Memebox to those around me, so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a review of the latest box. For those of you not in the know, Memebox is a Korean beauty box that offers skincare, hair and body products, as well as cosmetics. It is not a subscription service, so you don’t have to worry about skipping boxes when you aren’t interested or don’t have the extra money to spend. They do allow pre-ordering of boxes in bundles, however, to save on shipping.

Boxes cost $23.00 + $6.99 shipping. When you sign up on the Memebox site with an account, the company will gift you with $2 in points that can be used on your first purchase. They also offer points on some special edition boxes, such as the recent men’s box, and sometimes at random to anyone with an account. (Everyone was gifted $5 in points a few days ago, to be used by the end of the month.)

Memebox has graciously given me a code to share, which is good for $3 off any order. The promo code is 834MQ and is valid through March 31st.

memebox global #7

Inside each Memebox, there are 4-8 full size products and deluxe sized samples. Each Memebox series contains the same products, as boxes are not curated for each individual purchaser. I have purchased 4-5 boxes in the last few months and have yet to be disappointed with the contents. The boxes contain a wide variety of items; there have only been a few items in my boxes that I’ve had no interest in trying or that have been something that wouldn’t be useful to me.

Memebox #7 contains six items, five full-sized and one deluxe sample. Each box contains a card which explains more about each product, including a description, how to use the product, and the retail value.

memebox global #7

1. Mise en Scene 2x Curl Essence
30ml / Full Size: 150 ml  || Estimated value: $2

memebox global #7 - mise en scene curling essence 2x

This product is a nourishing leave-in conditioner that is used to help define and enhance curls. It provides volume and helps to rejuvenate dry/damaged hair. While my hair is color-treated and styled with heat, I don’t have a problem with damage or dryness. This is an item that will be passed along to a friend or family-member.

2. Leaders Insolution: Bio Medi-curing Mask-Aqua Dressing
20ml || Estimated value: $3 (x2)

memebox global #7 - leaders insolution aqua dressing sheet mask

I love full face masks, so I’m excited to try this, even though it’s coconut-scented. (Yuck!) The mask is used to hydrate and moisturize skin, as well as dramatically reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It also has a cool feeling, which may help me overcome the stench of coconut as it’s on my face.

3. Dr. G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream
50ml || Estimated value: $35

memebox global #7 - dr. g bio-rtx mento cream

Box inclusions were randomly selected from creams 3, 5, and 7. Cream 3 is recommended for oily skin, as it helps to control sebum and balance out the skin’s moisture. Cream 5 is moisture-enhancing for dry skin. And Cream 7, which I received, is best for sensitive or acne-prone skin. The cream is supposed to help repair damaged skin.

Luckily, 7 is likely the best choice for me. Winter has been really hard on my skin and I feel like it’s been a constant struggle to undo the damage the wind and cold has caused. I’ve tried several different things over the last few months, but I’m excited to see how this one performs. This may also be a good choice for summer, when I’m trying to stop damage from the sun.

4. a:t fox: Jasoyup Herb Tea/Black Tea Makeup Design Kit
Full size || Estimated value: $23

memebox global #7 - a;t fox jasoyup herb tea makeup kit

I’m a sucker for anything in a cute package, so I was immediately in love with this makeup kit. I received the herb tea variation, which includes 3 eye pencils (gold, purple, and gray), a black eyeliner, a coral lip and cheek pencil, and a set of nail sticker strips with a file. I’ve tried Korean BB creams, but this will be my first experience with their color cosmetics. I may do a more in-depth review of these later, after I’ve had a chance to see how they perform.

5. Recipe by Nature: Slowganic Cleanse – Lemon & Green Tea & Adley
Full size || Estimated value: $40

memebox global #7 - recipe by nature slowganic cleanser

I have been debating ordering the larger-sized lemon version of this cleanser for several weeks. I was really bummed when it was included in Memebox’s Superbox #1, which is a higher-priced box that I did not purchase. When I saw this trio of cleansers in my box, I was elated. This was worth the cost of the box to me…and I get to try the lemon, green tea, and adley versions.

This cleanser is organic, made from raw materials such as lemon extract, lime oil, and herbs. The formula cleans away makeup and impurities without removing essential moisture from the skin. I haven’t opened these pods yet, but the product looks a bit like balls of dough. They also appear to be strongly scented.

6. Catrin: Natural 100 Mineral Sun Kill SPF42 PA++
Full size || Estimated value: $38

memebox global #7 - catrin natural 100 mineral sunkill

This is such an interesting product! Because I am so pale, I am very vigilant about using sunscreen, especially  in the summer. In the pool, I wear SPF 80 and methodically get out of the water every two hours to reapply. I burn relatively easy, which I definitely want to avoid, and I’d like to think this will also help me steer clear of skin cancer in the future. (I definitely do not understand people that purposely bake and burn their skin.)

I generally choose foundation that has an SPF of at least 15, but I’ve never seen a powder that contains sunscreen. I will probably save this powder for summer, when the sun is more prevalent, but this product could be a wonderful addition to my summer makeup routine.

The powder contains 10 organic, 100% natural minerals and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is also oil and chemical free. It’s very smooth and reminds me a lot of Bare Minerals. The selected color, Natural Beige, also looks like it will be a good match for my skin.

Total value for this box is $144. Unfortunately, it is sold out on the Memebox site, but there are other boxes available. Buy one now and give Memebox a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.