Thursday, December 14, 2017

Memebox: Scentbox #3 Grapefruit


Oddly enough, the grapefruit box was the one I was least excited about when placing my order for the Scentbox bundle. After working my way through each box and sampling the items included, this box turned out to be my favorite.

Memebox Scentbox Grapefruit

About Memebox Global:

Memebox is not a typical subscription service, with multiple boxes released each month and no obligation to purchase. The boxes released vary, from numbered global boxes to special edition and themed boxes. Prices vary based upon the box purchased, but the global boxes are $23 + $6.99 shipping. Boxes ship to the United States, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.

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01. Evas Mini Lauryne’s Dress Perfume Mist de Grapefruit
150 ml || Estimated value: $18

Evas Mini Lauryne's Dress Perfume Mist de Grapefruit

Similar to the mist contained in the baby powder box, this spray can be used on clothing, bedding, curtains, and other fabrics. It can also be sprayed inside shoes to kill odors. The spray has a nice, yet subtle, citrus spray, with notes of grapefruit, lilac, orange, violet, and musk.

02. Kael28 Sun Killing Grapefruit Gel 
270 ml || Estimated value: $30

Kael28 Sun Killing Grapefruit Gel

The included information claims that this product is all-encompassing, functioning as a toner, an emulsion, an essence, a cream, and a sleeping pack. I found this product to be nothing more than after-sun care, however. It works very much like an aloe gel, with the same sort of consistency and feeling once rubbed into my skin. I could definitely smell citrus and grapefruit in the bottle, but once I smoothed it out onto my skin, those subtle scents seemed to disappear quickly.

03. Sun Smile Hydro Gel Choosy Fruit
3 ml || Estimated value: $2 (x2)

Sun Smile Hydro Gel Choosy Fruit

Gel-lip patches are one of my favorite Korean products. They’re sort of a novelty product, but they do help to moisture and hydrate your lips. Those the package claims these are fruit-scented, I found they didn’t really have a scent, The patches did provide some much-needed moisture for my lips, however. The patches contain collagen, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.

04. Happy Fam Deo Fresh Grapefruit 
20 wipes || Estimated value: $2

Happy Fam Deo Fresh Grapefruit

I am saving these for my sister-in-law, so I decided not to open them. Given that they are the same product as the wipes in the baby powder box, I’m sure they share the same attributes. The wipes are moist and would be great to put in a purse to stay refreshed throughout the day.

Total value: $54

Another box that I enjoyed, but without anything I found super exciting. I really liked the fabric spray and the after-sun gel in this box, as well as the gel lip patches.

  • Whitney Elysse

    How thoughtful of you to save the freshening wipes for me! Looking forward to trying them out.

    I love reading all your Memebox unboxing posts :o)

    • Thanks for leaving a comment and for reading. 🙂