Monday, February 19, 2018

The Lust List: Cardigans

The Lust List: Cardigans

Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the leaves, the light breezes, and the cool, crisp air. Lots of people view fall as the time to start searching for boots and sweaters and scarves. For me, it’s the perfect time to bring out my favorite article of clothing–the cardigan. These are the cardigans that are on my wish list for this fall.

1. Faded Glory Plus-Size Boyfriend Cardigan ($13.50) 

Faded Glory Plus-Size Boyfriend Cardigan

For me, this cardigan is the at the top of the list. Last year, my local store had this in black and grey. I picked up the grey one and wore it all the time! This is not a super thick cardigan, but I feel like it’s the perfect compliment to jeans and a t-shirt. Even though it’s cheap, it’s still pretty soft. It washed up well, too. There are lots of colors available online, including blue, oatmeal, and berry stripe. It’s very likely that I’ll pick up one in each color before the season is over. For less that $15, I feel like these are a steal.

2. Asos Curve Cardigan with Navy Heart Elbow Patch ($47.38) 

Asos Curve Cardigan with Navy Heart Elbow Patch

There’s just something about an elbow patch that I love. I have a lightweight sweater from Asos that also has a heart-shaped elbow patch. I think it’s cute and adds just a bit of extra interest.

3. Simply Be Hooded Cardigan ($55.00) 

Simply Be Hooded Cardigan

I ordered two cardigans from Simply Be a few nights ago and am anxiously awaiting their arrival. This cardigan is currently out of stock, but I’m keeping an eye on it. I love the cable design, the pom poms, the hood, and the pockets.

4. Lands’ End Plus Size Supima Cardigan Sweater ($89.00) 

Lands' End Plus Size Supima Cardigan Sweater

There’s just something about clothing from Lands’ End that screams classy and sophisticated. I love this dotted cardigan, even though it’s a little pricey. This comes in other patterns, including a pink and brown dotted version that I also really liked.

5. Style&co. Plus Size Military Cardigan ($59.99) 

Style&co. Plus Size Military Cardigan

I love military-inspired pieces and this cardigan is a great example. It just looks like it would be warm and comfy.

6. ModCloth Nothing But Love Cardigan ($39.99) 

ModCloth Nothing But Love Cardigan

Who can resist a cardigan that’s covered in pretty red hearts? I’ve never ordered a cardigan from ModCloth, but I’ve heard great things about them. This one may be the next cardigan purchase I make.

What’s your favorite article of clothing for fall?


*Cardigan clip art provided via MyCuteGraphics

  • Oh I love Cardigans.. that Simple Be looks great.. I also love to wear my fake UGGS all season!

    • I had a pair of fake Uggs that I wore until they had a hole in the bottom. They were so comfy. 🙂

  • Loving those elbow patches! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment!

  • Heather Smith

    Elbow patches are starting to grow on me…I never thought they would! 😀

    • I know exactly what you mean! Five years ago, I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing an elbow patch. Now I love them! 🙂

  • Melissa

    I LOVE, LOVE cardigans. All of the above styles are super adorable. I find myself at Old Navy almost every Fall splurging the crap out of some cardigans. I don’t have one with elbow patches, but you may have swayed me. Great post!

    • I have a love/hate relationship with Old Navy. I’m still mad that they stopped selling plus sizes in store. Their sizing does not seem uniform at all, so I always need to try stuff on. That’s a huge pain when ordering online!

  • #5 is so cute!

    • Thanks for the comment!

  • I love these!! You’ve just inspired me to make a cardigan Polyvore – which is my latest addiction. Oops. I like the white one a lot, but know it’d be a mess before I blinked!Number 5 is really pretty. Like, off to go check it out pretty!

    • Oh gosh! I haven’t been on Polyvore forever. I think it enables my shopping addiction, which is not a good thing!

  • I love cardigans! I would love to rock #3, #4, #5!

    • Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  • Soo many of these are so cute.

    Here in FL we have such a small window of cool weather, a cardigan has be really cute for me to get one. LOL. Some of these would do it thought.

    Stopping by via the Southern Girl Blogging FB page.

    • Maybe try some thin ones or ones with short sleeves? I have a grey one I got last year that is so thin you can almost see through it. I like it for spring. 🙂

  • I so want all of these! I have like three cardigans that I really love and all three are having to be retired due being worn down. So, I’m definitely on the hunt for some replacements.

    • I am trying to branch out and buy more colors and prints. Most of the ones I currently own are solid black or grey. A couple of those are definitely ready for retirement.

  • A few years ago, I really got into blazers. It’s something about a blazer that pulls the outfit together. Cardigans are my second favorite. I’d pair the striped one with dark jeans.

    • I went through a blazer phase once, too. I think I prefer cardigans because they’re a little more comfortable. I like things that stretch!

  • Sarah Louise Zerbe

    I love fall sweaters, you made some great choices