Thursday, February 22, 2018

Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil #lemonoil #review

Lemon Oil has a variety of uses including a natural and CHEMICAL FREE DISINFECTANT for bathrooms, sinks, and tables. Apply on freckles, scars, and age spots to lighten. Drink with a glass of water to DETOX and PURIFY the body. Some of the purported benefits of using lemon oil are that it can prevent cancer, free up the lymphatic system and respiratory system, and can be used to reduce inflammation in the body. You can start using lemon oil in baths or using it in a detox shake to add this to your lifestyle. Our Extra Strength concentration allows for fewer drops to obtain maximum efficiency.

I’m still in the process of learning correct use for essential oils, but lemon is one of my favorites. It has a bit of a musty odor, not the clean citrus scent I was expecting. Diluted in homemade cleaning products or mixed with other oils in a diffuser, it smells great. I’m pleased by the scent, though it’s strong in the bottle. I also like that LiftCare provides a generously sized bottle, which will last for quite a while.

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  • I won this product last week. When I put 2 drops in my diffuser the room smelled of Lemonhead candy. I think 2 drops might have been too much, though. Next time I’ll only use one drop.

    • A drop will do! I only put 1 in my diffuser. I like to mix lemon, lavender, and peppermint for my allergies. Smells great. 🙂