Friday, February 23, 2018

July: Beauty Edition


In July, I discovered some new things to love, rediscovered some old favorites, and came in contact with a few stinkers.



Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Foundation 

Loreal True Match Foundation - N2

I bought this foundation several months ago, used it a few times, then started using something else. I saw it sitting in my makeup organizer earlier in the month and realized I’d never really given it a thorough evaluation. I couldn’t exactly recall why I stopped using it, so I made a point to use it again. I quickly realized why I hated it! It provides medium coverage and I do think that it’s easy to blend. After just a few hours, however, my face gets so oily! I do have combination skin, but it leans more toward dry than oily. I was just really disappointed with this, as it isn’t an issue I have with other foundations that I am currently using.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color 

NYC Expert Last Lip Color

Given that both e.l.f. and Wet ‘n’ Wild make great budget lipsticks, I had high hopes for this product. Unfortunately, it was a dud. I put this lipstick on, jumped in my car and drove twenty minutes. When I arrived at my destination, the lipstick was almost completely gone, with just a bit left on the dry patches on my lips. Disappointing and headed straight for the trash bin.

CoverGirl Outlast Glosstinis 

CoverGirl Glosstinis - Inferno

These tiny nail polishes were on clearance at my local Rite Aid. Much of the stock had already been picked through, so I picked up Inferno from the Hunger Games Capitol Collection. I assumed they were clearanced in order to make room for something else, since these were limited edition. The coverage was nice and I really like the golden fire color. Unfortunately, the wear on these is pretty awful. Within one day–with my usual Orly base and Seche Vite top coat–there was visible flaking at the tips of my nails. For the $3 retail price, I can pick up other polishes that perform much better, like Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Megalast nail colors.


Serious Skincare Olive Oil Hydrating Skin Primer 

Serious SkinCare Olive Oil Primer

Someone sent me a tube of this in a swap a few years ago and I really liked it. After going through a couple of tubes, I switched to something else. At that time, however, I wasn’t into cosmetics and simply used it as a moisturizer. I always thought it helped my makeup last longer, not realizing that it was actually a primer. While looking for a primer recently, I remembered this stuff and ordered a new tube. I like it just as much as I always did, even if it does smell a little funky.

theBalm timeBalm Full Coverage Concealer 

thebalm Time Balm Full Coverage Concealer

The past few weeks have created some havoc for my skin, especially under my eyes. I’ve been plagued with more darkness than usual and increased redness from seasonal allergy irritations. My usual liquid concealer just wasn’t covering as well as I wanted, so I put this one back into my routine. This concealer is very thick and covers almost anything. I feel like it works better when applied with my fingers rather than a brush; the heat helps to make it easier to blend. This is definitely not a concealer I normally use daily, as I don’t have a lot of serious skin issues, but it definitely helps when an issue pops up and needs to be covered.

Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream 

Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream

I’ll admit that when this arrived in my Birchbox, I was a little annoyed. The sample seemed so small, and I doubted I could get more than one use out of it. Surprisingly, I’ve used it multiple times and still have a bit left. This would definitely be an item I’d use my Birchbox points to purchase. This cream doesn’t provide a lot of coverage, but it’s definitely enough that I’d feel comfortable wearing it to run errands or lounge around the house on the weekends. I also love that it’s SPF 40, so I know my fair skin is protected.

What beauty products are you loving or hating this month?

  • Alli Smith

    Thanks for sharing your hits and misses! It’s nice to know a little bit about a product before I decide to purchase it.

  • I want to try that primer!

    • andrea

      I really like it. It’s the only thing from that I’ve tried, but I’d like to try some of the cleansers and other items as well.

    • I would like to try some other things from that line, like the cleansers.

  • That nail polish is a fun color! Thanks for sharing.

    • I love the color. I just with the color didn’t chip so easily. I might try to sandwich it between some gel base and topcoat to see if that helps.