Monday, February 19, 2018

Ipsy: July 2014


I’ve been subscribed to Ipsy for about six months. Though there have been a few months where I’ve been less than pleased, most months I do get a bag filled with things I will use or am excited to try. This month was no different.

ipsy july 2014

About Ipsy:

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service. Subscribers pay $10 per month for a beauty bag filled with 4-5 products, a mix of samples and full-size items. If you would like to subscribe using my affiliate link, click here. Thanks!

The Bag

ipsy july 2014

This month’s bag was a bright pink, plastic square. Though not my favorite bag I’ve received, I liked the color of this one. I tend to fill my giant purse with lots of little bags and pouches. This one will be easy to find.

Bare Minerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow in Divine Wine
0.03 oz., Estimate value: $5.40 || Full size: 0.10 oz., $18

bare minerals 5-in-1 divine wine

This sample was incredibly tiny. Though there was some purple tone visible with this cream shadow, it was very dull and reminded me of mud. This might work better sheered out and used as a base for powder eyeshadow.

bare minerals 5-in-1 divine wine

Benefit they’re real! beyond mascara
0.1 oz., Estimated value: $7.60 || Full size: 0.3 oz., $23

Benefit they’re real! beyond mascara

I have a few mascaras open right now, so I’ll probably hang onto this for a while. I was still excited to get the sample, as I’ve never tried any of Benefit’s products. I’ve heard good things about this mascara and am excited to try it. I just need to work through a few of my other mascara samples before using it. I am interested in seeing how the rubber bristles work for me. I tend to prefer and have better luck with a more traditional mascara brush.

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass
0.35 oz. || Estimated value: $22.99

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass

I’ve never tried a lip/cheek tint and was thrilled to see this show up in my bag. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I was a little disappointed with the lip application. It did provide a nice colored stain, which seemed like a deeper version of my natural lip color. I did find, however, that the formula settled into the cracks and lines in my lips. I will probably try this as a base when using red-based lip colors. The cherry scent was fantastic and I liked that it was a gel, rather than a liquid.

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil (SPF 8)
1.0 oz., Estimated value: $1.49 || Full size: 8 oz. , $11.99

Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil (SPF 8)

This was one product I was not excited to see in my bag. I’m not someone that actively tries to tan in the summer. I wear sunscreen while outside and especially while in the pool; I’m very pale and burn easily. I did test the product out and found the scent to be nice, coconut like most tanning products. The oil was light and blended easily into my skin. Hopefully I can find an alternate use for it, maybe as an after-sun remedy to help restore some moisture to my skin.

Lavilin Jojoba Gel Cream
15 ml, Estimated value: $3.15 || Full size: 100 ml, $21

Lavilin Jojoba Gel Cream

I’ll probably toss this into my purse to use as a hand cream. I think it provided adequate moisture to my skin, but the scent wasn’t very pleasant. It didn’t seem to linger on my skin once the cream was absorbed, but was fairly strong coming out of the tube. It absorbed quickly and did not feel sticky on my skin.

Total value: $40.63

Not my favorite bag I’ve ever gotten, but it was worth it for the mascara and the lip/cheek tint.

What did you get in your Ipsy bag this month?

  • The subscription box services are becoming very popular. I love what was included in this box. My colleague recently introduced me to Benefit Mascara and I’m hooked.

    • The Too Faced mascara I was using finally got a little too dry, so I’ve switched to the Benefit. It’s only been a few days, but I like it so far.

  • I am not sure I could do a subscription box service for a variety of beauty products. Seems like I would be collecting a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t use. I just doesn’t appeal to me.

    • I usually end up with mostly items I will use. If not, I give them away. Of course, I’m a bit of a hoarder, so maybe I just like having lots of stuff!

  • Alli Smith

    I sent my friend a six month subscription to Birch Box for her birthday. I really don’t know that much about subscription boxes. Now I wonder if I should have sent this one. Is this your very favorite beauty box?

    • I just started getting Birchbox a couple months ago, but I like it a lot as well. Their points system is really great and I do like that they include a variety of items. Ipsy is mostly makeup, so it really just depends on what you’re looking for. I really enjoy both of them, though!

  • Shirley Wood

    I keep noticing that more and more people are subscribing to these monthly box products for skin care and for children’s educational products. I have seen some of the children’s services that seemed pretty cool! You did a good job of sharing what it is like to receive the box!

    • Thanks. I’m a bit of a subscription box junkie, though I’ve seen people that subscribe to way more boxes than I do!

  • Hahaha, I agree with your opinions on this Ipsy Glam Bag. I would have loved everything except for the tanning oil, too. I imagine that not a lot of people will be super thrilled with tanning oil, but at least your other 4 items make up for it!

    • Definitely worth the $10. And I was able to give the tanning oil to my mom. 🙂

  • This looks like a great bag! I am so excited because I just subscribed and my first bag shoul dbe here in September!!! Yay! I can’t wait 😀

  • SheBeKnowin

    I love Ipsy! Though this month (August) I got a few things I had to pass on (blush that wouldn’t work for my skin tone, some other anti-aging product) I LOVE that I got mascara from Urban Decay. 🙂