Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Halloween Costume Ideas from Great Pretenders

Finding the perfect Halloween costume can be an exhausting experience. Deciding on a theme is difficult, but trying to find a costume that matches the theme, is the correct size, and isn’t going to fall apart before Trick-or-Treat is over can be overwhelming. Costumes from big box stores are usually poorly made from cheap materials, over-priced for their purpose.

Luckily, Great Pretenders offers a wide selection of quality-made costumes. These costumes will survive a hectic night of going door-to-door and still look great. They’re also great for imaginative, year-round play.

Below are some ideas for costumes this Halloween.


fairiesFairy Blossom Dress | Tinkerbelle Dress with Wings

Halloween is the perfect time for the fairies to come dancing out of the forest. Great Pretenders offers a beautiful selection of fairy costumes. (Two of my favorites are above.) In addition, they have all the extras you’ll need to make your child’s fairy costume perfect–from wands and wings to halos and jewelry.


superheroesSuper Fly Muscle Guy | Lightning Quick Superhero

A superhero costume is always a hit with both boys and girls. Whether you have an aspiring bat or a kid with super spider powers, there’s a wide variety of costumes any child will love.

Knights, Princesses, Kings, and Queens

Royal Pretty in Pink | King/Knight Cape

From delicate princesses in pretty pink dresses, to royal knights dressed in chainmail, Great Pretenders offers a wide selection from the medieval realm. They also offer accessories for these costumes, like tiaras and slippers, as well as swords and shields.

My favorite thing about these costumes is that they are made to fit multiple sizes, which means they last much longer than other dress up items. The dresses shown above have survived a princess ball, as well as being worn often at home. They’ve even been slept in and still look fantastic. They’re made in Canada from quality, durable fabrics.

When I’m looking for a costume, Great Pretenders is always my first stop.

What costume have your kids picked out for this Halloween?