Monday, February 19, 2018

Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide #review #triumphdining

As someone relatively new to gluten-free eating, I am sometimes confused by what products I can and can’t eat. Not all gluten-containing products simply say “wheat” in the ingredients. It is hidden in ingredients like maltodextrin and soy sauce. This book has made it quick and easy to find the foods I can eat without spending tons of time reading and deciphering ingredients.

I carry this book with me when I shop in store, or use it to make decisions when purchasing food products online. I’ll also use it when making grocery lists, familiar with brands that are already available in my local store. This makes shopping a much faster experience with no guesswork. When trying a new product, I don’t have to worry that there might be “hidden” gluten ingredients that will make me sick later on.

The book is well-designed with color-coded sections. It even includes a listing of gluten-free supplements at the end. If you eat a gluten-restricted diet, this book is a must-have.

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