Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Memebox: Superbox #50 – Anti-Aging #3

Memebox: Superbox #50 - Anti-Aging #3

As much as I hate admitting it, I am getting older. Those little lines and wrinkles on my face are starting to become more noticeable, so now is definitely the time for me to start a plan to help slow the aging process. Anti-Aging #3 was purchased for $39.00 + $6.99 S/H. About Memebox Global: Memebox is not a typical subscription …

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Memebox: Sweet Shop #5 – Tropical Fruits

Memebox: Sweet Shop #5 - Tropical Fruits

I love tropical scents, but there are certain ones that appeal to me more than others. I love citrus, like oranges, lemons, and limes. I like pomegranate, pineapple, and berry scents. I was hoping for some of those in this box. Previous scentboxes I have purchased include rose, baby powder, and grapefruit. The Tropical Fruits Scentbox was sold for $15 …

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Memebox: Cooling Care (Special Edition #13)

Memebox Cooling Care

I love the feel of cooling skin care items, so I was really excited when this box was offered. The Memebox Cooling Care box was sold for $23 plus shipping. It is not currently available. About Memebox Global: Memebox is not a typical subscription service, with multiple boxes released each month and no obligation to purchase. The boxes released vary, …

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Memebox: For Him #2 (Special Edition)

Memebox for Him #2

Yesterday, there was a lot of chatter in a facebook group I belong to regarding a men’s version of Memebox. I realized that I hadn’t reviewed the last version of the men’s box, so I thought I would play catch-up and do so. Memebox for Him #2 was originally sold for $29, then later offered as an added freebie when purchasing …

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Memebox: Superbox #39 Foot Care 2

memebox: superbox #39 foot care 2

I know most people really think of summer as the time to take care of their feet, but my feet need constant care. Fall and winter are especially harsh because I find that with the cooler weather, my feet become more dry and cracked. It’s a constant struggle to keep them in good shape, but I suppose I should be …

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Memebox: Superbox #33 Collagen Cosmetics

memebox: superbox #33 collagen cosmetics

Collagen products are known for helping with to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They also help to illuminate the skin, providing firmness and resilience. These products also help to minimize acne scars. I’m starting to see fine lines on my face, so this seemed like a good set of products to help slow the aging process. The Collage …

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Memebox: Superbox #26 Snail 2

memebox: superbox #26 snail 2

I remember the first time I saw a snail product on Memebox’s site. My first thoughts were something along the lines of, “Ewwww! That’s disgusting! I’m not putting that on my face!!” I had no idea how snails were incorporated into beauty products. Did they grind them up and put them in facial cleanser? Would I find juicy bits of …

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Memebox: Luckybox #6

Memebox LuckyBox #6

Luckyboxes are a great introduction to Korean cosmetics and skincare. These boxes are filled with items from previous Memeboxes that were customer favorites. These boxes always provide a great mix of items from the global numbered boxes and special edition boxes. These are also fun for seasoned Memebox veterans because they allow us to get duplicates of some of our …

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Memebox: Superbox #23 Summer Meeting

Memebox Superbox #23 Summer Meeting

Beauty needs during the summer are a little different than other parts of the year, with heat, humidity, and sunshine causing different reactions with my skin. When I saw that Memebox was offering a box curated with summer needs in mind, I was quick to make a purchase. The cost of this box was $32 + $6.99 shipping. About Memebox …

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Memebox: Superbox #25 Foot Care

Memebox Superbox #25 FootCare

My feet always seem to need some sort of care. It seems that no matter what I do, my heels are always dry and cracking. My cuticles are either growing halfway up my toenails or cracked and bleeding. I also love to forego socks in summertime, so sandals and other shoes are occasionally stinky! When Memebox offered their first foot care …

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