Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Day by Day Beauty Facial Blotting Papers #review

Day by Day Beauty Facial Blotting Papers

No matter what sort of primers, potions, serums, or foundation I use, it seems that by mid-afternoon, my face has become an oil slick. My nose and chin get terribly shiny. The immediate reaction is to pack on more face powder, but that can end up looking caked on. That’s why I was really excited to give these Day by …

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Adella Magnetic Sleep Masks #review

Adella Magnetic Sleep Mask

As someone who suffers from migraines and often needs to block out light and sound, a sleep mask is an important tool for me. Adella makes two different sleep masks, both of which I was given the opportunity to try. Magnetic Sleeping Eye Mask Plus Ear Plugs (Red) Revolutionary Power Bio Magnets reduce fine lines, puffy eyes, headaches, dark circles, …

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Adella Skincare Derma Roller & Vitamin C Serum #review

Adella Skincare Derma Roller & Vitamin C Serum

Derma Roller  Make your skin firmer, tighter, smoother & elastic with the best face firming & face lifting treatment. The Extra 600 Titanium Micro Needles per roller head in comparison with the standard 192 needles insures greater penetration in much less time. Stimulates natural Collagen & Elastin production to make you look and feel younger. Even though I was initially …

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Invivo Fractionated Coconut Oil #review

Invivo Fractionated Coconut Oil

Fractionated Coconut Oil has a wealth of wonderful properties and so many uses! It can be used as a carrier oil, for applying other essential oils directly to the body. It can also be used as a massage oil. I like to put just a drop in my foundation when applying my makeup in the morning. It makes my foundation …

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Petunia Skincare #review

Petunia Derma Roller (1.0 mm)

Skincare items are some of my favorite things to review. I love trying different formulas and experimenting with different combinations of products to find the best ones for my skin. Revitalize Eye Serum Petunia Skincare’s Revitalize Eye Serum is a revolutionary eye serum that addresses: Tired Eyes: revitalizes and awakens the feeling of tired eyes Dark Circles, Swollen and Puffy Eyes: …

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Pure Body Naturals Essential Oils – Lemon & Peppermint

Pure Body Naturals Essential Oils - Lemon & Peppermint

In the winter I have lots of issues with dryness, from my skin to my sinuses. I often run a cool mist humidifier in the my bedroom to help add in some moisture. After learning that essential oils could be placed in the receptacle of my humidifier I was anxious to try them out! Peppermint Oil Peppermint oil is recommended …

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Instanatural Seaweed Powder

Instanatural Seaweed Powder

When Instanatural sent me this giant tub of Seaweed Powder, I was intrigued. I’ve never used anything like this, so I was really grateful that there are recipes on the container label, including those for a facial scrub and a facial mask. Get A Boost of Vitamins & Minerals – Seaweed Powder, which comes from botanical kelp grown in colder …

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Syono Orthotics Gel Insoles

Syono Orthotics Gel Insoles and Shoe Inserts

I have lots of problems with swollen, tired feet. If I’m on my feet all day, my feet and ankles have a tendency to swell. Insoles are important for me to be able to work on my feet without pain. Syono Orthotics Gel Insoles are made for both men and women, helping to absorb the shock of everyday activity. Ideal …

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Review: YALMEH Foundation Brush

YALMEH Foundation Brush

When I saw that Yalmeh had chosen me to review this brush, I was really excited. I have been using a flat kabuki brush to apply my foundation for a long time, but I had heard really amazing things about this brush shape. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try it. Created From Top Grade Synthetic Fiber …

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Review: Dolce Flat Iron by Xtava

Dolce Flat Iron by Xtava

My hair is frizzy, coarse, and hard to deal with. I have always been envious of people that have smooth, sleek hair with little effort. My hair is somewhat curly, but not enough to wear it in that style without lots of work and product. Most of the time, I prefer to blow it out and then use some sort …

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