Monday, February 19, 2018

Healthy & Beauty

Find the Perfect Wig at Black Hairspray #sponsored

As someone that gets a lot of joy from trying new hair products, from wigs to styling tools, I really appreciate companies that provide a variety of products. is no exception. They make things convenient for shoppers that are searching for wigs, weaves, beauty supplies, and styling aids. For wigs, weaves, lace fronts, ponytails, or braids, is an authorized …

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Pamper Yourself with Groupon #ad #Groupon

As a woman, I often feel as if it’s my duty to make sure those around me are appreciated and well taken care of. Of course, that can sometimes mean that I neglect doing extra things for myself. Going the extra mile for my family or my job often leaves me feeling worn down and underappreciated. Working with a tight …

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Back to School: Bath & Body Roundup

Personal care and beauty products are an important part of the back to school routine. Sebamed Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash has a ph balance of 5.5, the exact ph balance of healthy skin. It’s a gentle body wash that is free of soap and alkali, both of which can agitate dry skin and cause conditions like eczema. The …

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Oleavine Therapeutic Soap #review #oleavine

Oleavine Therapeutic Soap

Body wash is usually something I’m not too particular about. I buy what’s on sale and use it, generally opting for unscented or gentle formulas. I have very dry, itchy skin and have found that perfumes and scents make my problems worse. After using the Oleavine Therapeutic Body Wash for the past month, however, I don’t think I’ll ever be …

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The Diamond Cup #review #diamondcup

diamond cup

The Diamond Menstruation Cup is a soft, reusable product that women can use as an alternative to traditional menstrual products. The cup is made from medical-grade silicone, so there is no issue for women with an allergy to latex. The cup is safe and easy to use. The average woman will spend $2400 & use 11,000 tampons in her lifetime? Save money …

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Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil #lemonoil #review

Lift Care Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Oil has a variety of uses including a natural and CHEMICAL FREE DISINFECTANT for bathrooms, sinks, and tables. Apply on freckles, scars, and age spots to lighten. Drink with a glass of water to DETOX and PURIFY the body. Some of the purported benefits of using lemon oil are that it can prevent cancer, free up the lymphatic system …

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GlassesShop.Com Review Odette Wayfairer

I love sunglasses, but I’m always very frugal when it comes to my choices. More often than not, I purchase them at discount stores. I’m just not willing to pay hundreds of dollars for something that I will likely lose, scratch, break, or destroy in some other way. When I was approached by GlassesShop.Com, I was excited to give their …

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goPure Fractionated Coconut Oil & Peppermint Essential Oil #review

goPure Fractionated Coconut Oil & Peppermint Essential Oil

In my journey to be healthier, essential oils have become something that I use almost daily. I have also tried to find less toxic alternatives to products that I use, so products derived from nature are important to me. goPure Fractionated Coconut Oil Each bottle contains 100% pure and natural fractionated coconut oil, ideal for use is soaps, lotions, hair care …

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Petunia Skincare 1.5 mm Derma Roller #review

Derma rollers come with differing amounts of needles, as well as different needle sizes. I already have a 1 mm that I like to use on my face, so I thought this one with larger needles might be a good choice for other parts of my body. Discover Radiant and Brand New Skin After Using Our Derma Roller: – Firmer …

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Precision Grooming Set #review

Majestic Bombay Precision Grooming Set

I’ll admit that I probably have 10 pairs of cheap tweezers all around the house. Though some of them do an okay job at pulling out stray hairs, many of them are simply useless and should be thrown away. Since trying this set, I’ve been motivated to clean out my drawers and toss those no-good tweezers once and for all! …

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