Friday, August 18, 2017


Bloggers: $150 Paypal Giveaway Sign Ups

Hey bloggers! Here is a fun new blogger giveaway event opportunity (Hosted by Lil’ Blog and More) This will be a great event, that will help gather a lot of exposure and followers – So be sure to join in! There are a few different options available.    Prize for the event:  $150 via Paypal (Or the winner can get …

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How I Make Sure My Family Is Prepared for the Unexpected #sponsored

Emergency preparedness is essential, yet most families aren’t prepared for the unexpected. Experts recommend that people should prepare to survive on their own for at least 72 hours. Only one in ten Americans, however, is prepared to make it for that length of time with no access to food, water, power, or transportation. These are some steps you can take …

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What Americans Believe About Australia #sponsored

There are many misconceptions that Americans, unfortunately, have about Australia. Influenced by pop culture, these stereotypes are convincing, but ultimately wrong. Here are a few of the most common. Australia is the most dangerous place in the world. Creatures like snakes, crocodiles, sharks, and spiders are definitely found in Australia, but the likely of dying because of one is pretty …

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An Interview with Photographer Rocco Basile #sponsored

Rocco Basile

While I would never consider myself to be anything more than an average photographer, I greatly enjoy taking photographs. There’s something very satisfying about spending the day walking through the woods, capturing the things I see, or taking the perfect snapshot of friends, family, or even my dog. When I was given the opportunity to interview photographer Rocco Basile, I …

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Surviving Seasonal Allergies #sponsored

Seasonal allergies make me miserable. Dust, pollen, dirt, and dander lead to itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and congestion. While over the counter and prescription medications do provide some relief, they also make me incredibly sleepy. This does not allow me to function as I normally would. I like to try other methods and am happy to share some of …

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Cue Your Life with Cue Vapor

Cue Vapor

My dad has been a vaper for several years. The technology, however, comes with a huge learning curve. There are tanks to clean and refill, coils to replace, and finding the right vapor liquid can be a challenge. Thankfully, Cue Vapor has introduced a revolutionary system that’s great for beginners and seasoned vapers alike. The Cue Vapor System uses patent-pending …

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Find the Perfect Wig at Black Hairspray #sponsored

As someone that gets a lot of joy from trying new hair products, from wigs to styling tools, I really appreciate companies that provide a variety of products. is no exception. They make things convenient for shoppers that are searching for wigs, weaves, beauty supplies, and styling aids. For wigs, weaves, lace fronts, ponytails, or braids, is an authorized …

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Now at Food City: Indian River Select Juice #sponsored

If you’re looking for fresh, delicious orange juice and grapefruit juice, visit your nearest Food City for Indian River Select! (Click here to locate a Food City store near you.) Indian River Select juices are available in the refrigerated juice section. Choose from three varieties: Valencia, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Original Orange. All are available in 59 ounce bottles. Indian River …

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Frustrated by tax season? CheckIntoCash.Com #sponsored

Waiting on an income tax return can be a frustrating time, especially when you need fast cash and your refund is smaller than you expected. If you need a cash advance, Check Into Cash offers direct lending both online and in-store, making it easy for you to get the money you need quickly. Check Into Cash offers a variety of services, …

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New Year, New You: Silver Fern Brands #sponsored

Adapting to a lifestyle that doesn’t include added sugar has been difficult. I have a horrible sweet tooth and sugar cravings are no joke. Thankfully, Silver Fern Brands offer a variety of low carb baking mixes that contain little to no added sugar. Many of their products are also gluten free, which is great for me because I am gluten intolerant. …

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